Business and trade

Business translations are tricky! It is important to know and understand, not only the source market, but also the target language market. Mergers, start-ups and liquidations, balance sheets or stock exchange reports always involve a great deal of money and expertise. Accuracy is required. Economic and legal texts often go hand in hand. Frequently these translations have to be certified.

At vb consultech, we have set up a team of specialists to examine your texts, find the right specialist translator for you and assist you with factual questions during the translation process.

Translation of contracts, bank and stock exchange documents


Do you need a business translation?


Please contact us. We bridge the differences in thinking and language thanks to specialisation and expertise.

Our Offer:

Documents and contracts from the areas:

  • Economy
  • Trade
  • Stock Exchange
  • Insurance industry

Text types:

  • Balance sheets
  • Annual financial statements
  • Company mergers
  • Company foundation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Stock Exchange reports
  • Contracts
  • International banking operations
  • Insurance policies


Our specialist in the field of business and trade

Pietro Andreoletti
Pietro Andreoletti

Pietro Andreoletti. He studied business administration at the University of Bergamo. In this period he already took a keen interest in and specialised in stock exchange business.
During his studies he also worked as a banker and was able to gain insights into the banking and stock exchange world. After his studies he became manager of several Italian bank branches. His banking clients appreciated his dedication to banking and stock exchange transactions and I always felt that he was a good advisor.


Today Pietro Andreoletti works as a consultant in companies and actively supports translators specialised in  economics.


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