English · 30. April 2020
Mr. Maier is an experienced technical writer in a medium-sized mechanical engineering company. Over the years the company and therefore also the products have been developed further: The idea "standard solutions" does not exist anymore. More complex solutions are requested, and in different variants.

English · 16. April 2020
A lot of people ask me: What's a CCMS? A CCMS is a Component Content Management System. It is a system that helps to increase the speed of multilingual publishing in different formats and guarantees medium to long term cost savings.

English · 09. April 2020
If you want to have consistent terminology, terminology work must be done in a right way and you must have a concept. Ad-hoc project work does not lead to long term quality. A step-by-step product-specific terminology work however leads to the goal. A concept and a precisely defined procedure help you to define the company terminology. A concept system of terms helps to define the relationships between the individual terms.

English · 06. April 2020
In the age of neural translation technologies and the ever-increasing volume of translations and narrow time frames, machine translation is a must. In many cases machine translation systems are used, but are the translators ready for the new tasks? This development has led to the creation of a new profession: The post editor.

English · 01. April 2020
How many times have we received a pre-translated but text that was not good at all? But where is the problem? The machine translation system? It's possible. Or is it the source text? Very likely.